About L-Histidine

L-histidine is one of the 10 essential amino acids for infants. Most lists of amino acids classify L-histidine as an essential amino acid; however, it has never been clear if L-histidine is an essential amino acid for adults. Even though L-histidine is synthesized by the body, sufficient quantities may not be made to meet the physiological requirements imposed by certain stress or disease situations.


L-histidine plays a key role in production of red and white blood cells. It has been reported that rheumatoid arthritis sufferers have abnormally low blood levels of L-histidine. A pilot clinical study with RA patients show mixed results but still enough to warrant further research.


L-histidine is manufactured by fermentation from carbohydrate sources. Ajinomoto manufactures L-histidine under cGMP conditions; no raw materials of animal origin are used in the manufacturing process. A Drug Master File for L-histidine is on record at the FDA. L-histidine meets USP and EP standards.

L Histidine

Abbreviation: L-His
CAS Number: 71-00-1
Conforms To: USP, EP
Chemical Name: (S)-2-Amino -1H-imidazole-4 -propionic Acid
Chemical Formula: C6H9N3O2
Molecular Weight: 155.1500
Nitrogen Content: 0.2708
Assay: 98.5 to 101.0%
Solubility: Soluble in water
Description: White crystals or crystalline powder; slightly bitter taste

Action bulkAction small