L-Amino Acids

Ajinomoto is the global leader in the manufacturing and supply of amino acids. For over 50 years, Ajinomoto has been on the forefront of developing innovative techniques to manufacture amino acids. Many of our amino acids are fermented using carbohydrates as the raw materials. Ajinomoto does not use raw materials of animal origin in the production process. Our process produces natural, high-quality amino acids that are unsurpassed in quality and purity. All of our amino acids are produced under cGMP conditions and most have an active Drug Master File with FDA.

Product NameAbbreviationCAS NumberProduct Details
GlycineGly56-40-6 view details
L-AlanineL-Ala56-41-7 view details
L-Alanyl-L-GlutamineAla-Gln39537-23-0 view details
L-ArginineL-Arg74-79-3 view details
L-Arginine HClL-Arg HCL1119-34-2 view details
L-Aspartic AcidL-Asp56-84-8 view details
L-CysteineL-Cys52-90-4 view details
L-Cysteine HCl H20L-Cys HCl H2O7048-04-6 view details
L-CystineL-Cys256-89-3 view details
L-DopaL-DOPA59-92-7 view details
L-Glutamic AcidL-Glu56-86-0 view details
L-GlutamineL-Gln56-85-9 view details
L-HistidineL-His71-00-1 view details
L-Histidine HClL-His HCl H2O5934-29-2 view details
L-IsoleucineL-Ile73-32-5 view details
L-LeucineL-Lue61-90-5 view details
L-Lysine AcetateL-Lys-AcOH57282-49-2 view details
L-Lysine HClL-Lys HCl657-27-2 view details
L-MethionineL-Met63-68-3 view details
L-PhenylalanineL-Phe63-91-2 view details
L-ProlineL-Pro147-85-3 view details
L-SerineL-Ser56-45-1 view details
L-ThreonineL-Thr72-19-5 view details
L-TryptophanL-Trp73-22-3 view details
L-TyrosineL-Tyr60-18-4 view details
L-ValineL-Val72-18-4 view details

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