Purity is quality

With amino acids, purity means quality. So if you're interested in making a nutraceutical or food product containing amino acids, you'll want to know more about AjiPure from Ajinomoto.

At Ajinomoto, we're the global leader in the research, production and sales of amino acids. We were among the first to make pharmaceutical-grade amino acids; we literally invented the process. So our amino acids are between 99% and 100% pure. No one else comes close—the impurities in other brands can be as much as six times higher.

In fact, amino acids from Ajinomoto are widely used in intravenous solutions, infant formulas and other specialty medical products. And many pharmaceutical firms use our products in the development and manufacture of their prescription medications.

It all adds up to this—choose AjiPure and you're choosing safety, quality, purity.

What difference can AjiPure make in your products?

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