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The Ajinomoto brand means it's a product you can trust.


With amino acids, purity means quality. So if you're interested in making a nutraceutical or food product containing amino acids, you'll want to know more about AjiPure from Ajinomoto.  Learn more


AminoStable, L-alanyl-L-glutamine produced by Ajinomoto, replaces L-glutamine with the added benefits of fewer impurities, uniform particle size and greater consistency.  Learn more


Ajinomoto's patented Corynex™ Expression System is breakthrough technology that overcomes traditional manufacturing difficulties with a simplified process, higher efficiency and fewer impurities.  Learn more

Ajiphase Logo

AjiPhase is an evolution of conventional liquid phase peptide synthesis (LPPS) – an advance that combines the best characteristics of LPPS with the key benefits of solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS).  Learn more