Specialty Prod

Industry Breakthroughs From Ajinomoto

As an industry leader, Ajinomoto is constantly developing new products that will advance science and improve lives. The patented Corynex™ expression system  has led to the development of revolutionary specialty products that will lead to even more important innovations.

Labeled Amino Acids

Ajinomoto offers a line of stable, uniformly labeled amino acids for research and development. Our patented fermentation technology and rigorous quality standards create amino acid products with high isotropic enrichment and L-enantiomer purity.


Ajinomoto's IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor) cell culture media represents a breakthrough in peptide and protein manufacturing. Our Corynex expression system makes protein expression easier and more efficient, producing a cost-effective IGF-1 with improved purity, consistent quality and 100 times more activity than insulin.

Dipeptides and Oligopeptides

By eliminating synthesis methods that lead to impurities, Ajinomoto's new Corynex expression system and patented enzymation process can produce dipeptides, oligopeptides and a wide range of diverse short-length peptides on a commercial scale, more efficiently and at a lower cost.

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